1936 Monark Silver King M1 Deluxe

1936 Silver King M1 Deluxe

This bike has been in the gallery for awhile now, but since then i’ve recently added the the “very rare” winged goose neck and original “hollow rack braces.”

Entry submitted by: volvo68



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1936 Monark Silver King M1 Deluxe — 3 Comments

  1. I have searched everywhere for information on a bicycle that I have. It is a lady’s Monark Silver King Rocket super deluxe #3241 The serial number is #4176678 Can you direct me or help me to find any information on this type of bicycle. My neighbor told me it was a valuable bicycle but I would have no idea and can’t find a thing on it. Anything would help…Thank you

  2. my brother just gave up the Silver King that my grandfather won at a movie theater raffle in the 40′s. this bike has had some parts changed out over the years and I’d like to try to figure out which ones.

    the wheels currentl on the bike are 22″. since I find reference to only 24″ and 26″, I’m assuming the wheels are not orignial.

    Next, this is a hex frame. the double fork is not on the bike. Did all hex frames have this double fork?

    Lastly, where would I find the serial number or other id? the only thing I find is the Silver King name plate on the front and the New Destination brake tag.

    • Patty, the wheels are measured from the outside edge of the tires, not the edge of the rim. This may be why you are finding an odd size. A hex-tube Monark should have 26″ wheels and the double-spring fork. As far as I know, the serial number won’t tell us anything about the bike since no official serial number records are available.

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