1958 J.C. Higgins Flightliner

This 1958 J.C. Higgins Flightliner is a stunning example of how stylish these bikes really are. Look at those lines! From the rear fender brace that flows into the chain guard, to the tank with built in hooded headlight that mimics the look of the fender on a ’58 Chevrolet, this bike is ALL style. Check out that J.C. Higgins branded accessory speedometer!

1958 was the first year for the Flightliner model, and the only year that this variation of the tank and headlights were used. Also it was the only year that the rear carrier had the two barrel shaped tail light lenses.

This Flightliner features a 2-speed Bendix lever-shift hub which pre-dates the famous “kickback” hub and a springer fork.

1958 JC Higgins Flightliner original 01

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eBay Auction Picture

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