1960 Bowden Spacelander

This bike was the most radical concept of it’s time. It totally epitomizes the “Space Age” with it’s design. This bike looks like it was designed for NASA. It is made up of fiberglass and features built in headlights and rear fender. Designed by Benjamin Bowden, there was a prototype built and displayed in 1948. The production bikes however were made and sold only one year, 1960.

Bowden Spacelander 1.jpg
Fiberglass monocoque frame and front fender are decades ahead of its time.

Bowden Spacelander 2.jpg
The Bowden Spacelander is the most sought after middle-weight bicycle ever made.

Bowden Spacelander 3.jpg
Made by Bomard Industries, Kansas City, MO.

Bowden Spacelander 4.jpg
Dual headlights built right into the body – frame of the bike.

Bowden Spacelander 5.jpg
Dual tail lights built in.


Morrie Turner’s Bowden Spacelander

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1960 Bowden Spacelander — 3 Comments

  1. Hi, my grandfather has trusted me with restoring his Bowden Spacelander. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity. The bike needs some work on the fiberglass, re-painting, Crome, and new lights. Do you have any tips or references?

  2. this bike is worth 25 thousand dollers topzzzzzzz there was only 30 made IN THE WORLD
    u better do a good job restoring it well u realy dont have to ittle sell any condition why like i sead only 30 and its frame is entirly made out of aluminum

    • Chase, they are not worth 25 grand, nowhere near that. One may have sold for that at auction somewhere at some time, but this is not an indicator of the real-world value. As for the “frame” being made of aluminum, it is actually a monocoque fiberglass shell. There is no traditional “frame” on this bicycle. The prototype however, was made of aluminum, but all production models were fiberglass.

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