Colson Bicycles

Bicycles built by The Colson Corporation were sold by many different retailers from 1917 to 1953, with Firestone and Goodyear being the biggest and most well known. Colson even made special models that were sold exclusively through these two retailers. The “Clipper” was a Goodyear exclusive in 1941, although the same basic bike was sold again after World War II under the Colson name. The Firestone Cruiser and Super Cruiser were Fire…

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1937 Colson Imperial

2006-12-13 006.JPG

This fully restored Colson built Imperial features a striking black and red paint job with bright yellow accent pinstripes, and art-deco chrome insert on the tank. It features a Delta Hornlite on the front fender, and a Delta Defender tail light on the rear fender. Notice the swan like goosneck, which was a Colson exclusive. This bike also sports a Lobdel Horizontal-Spring saddle. Entry Submitted by Bill Triplett Art Deco tank emblem…

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1938 Colson Imperial

1937 Colson Imperial boys 1.jpg

This outstanding original 1938 Colson Imperial features bright yellow and black paint, aluminum fenders, chromed tank and chainguard, unique swan gooseneck, Colson Imperial “Waterfall” badge, Delta lights, Stewart Warner speedometer, New Departure front coaster brake, Persons streamline pedals and more! Aluminum and chromed sheet metal and bright colors make this Colson Imperial really stand out! …

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1937 Colson Vogue

1937 Colson Vogue SD 1.jpg

Rare original Colson Vogue deluxe ladies bicycle. This bike has several unusual features, most notable is the battery box between the seat tube and the rear fender. The light switch and horn button are on a small round fixture that is mounted on the top tube near the gooseneck. No other bike has this configuration. Other features found on other Colson models are the “waterfall” name badge and the “tube and slats” carrie…

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1941 Firestone Super Cruiser (Colson Bullnose)


This bike is all original and un-restored. This bike was offered in this configuration only in 1941 by Firestone stores. It was manufactured by the Colson company. The “Super Cruiser” was equipped with a spring fork (the Colson Cushioner) and a tail light in the rear carrier. The standard “Cruiser” had no tail light and had a rigid fork and truss rods. The headlight on this bike is a Delta Roadlighter….

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1941 Colson Imperial Twin-Cushion

1941 Colson Imperial Twin Cushion.jpg

This is an ad copy for the very rare double suspended Colson “Twin-Cushion” bicycle. The rear of the frame was cushioned in the same manner as the front fork, which was a Colson exclusive design. It is not known exactly how many of these bikes were sold, but we do know it was very few. Only a handful of originals are known to exist….

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1950′s Evans-Colson Olympic


Fully loaded original Evans-Colson Olympic. Bike features spring “Evanaction” fork, rear carrier with tail light, horn tank, chrome fenders. Evans-Colson bikes were not recieved well by the public and continue to be underappreciated today. This is not to say that they didn’t have style though, for this bicycle clearly illustrates that they had great styling….

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