1941 Firestone Super Cruiser – Bullnose

1941 Colson Bullnose Red-Silver 01

This outstanding Firestone Super Cruiser, made by Colson is commonly referred to as a “Colson Bullnose” due to the unique rounded shape to the front of the horn-tank. This bike was featured in the popular book “Evolution of the Bicycle” when it was part of the Steve Castelli collection. The silver paint is a custom touch, and would have been light gray originally. The red seat is also a custom touch, but looks very nice…

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1941 Colson Imperial Twin-Cushion

1941 Colson Imperial Twin Cushion.jpg

This is an ad copy for the very rare double suspended Colson “Twin-Cushion” bicycle. The rear of the frame was cushioned in the same manner as the front fork, which was a Colson exclusive design. It is not known exactly how many of these bikes were sold, but we do know it was very few. Only a handful of originals are known to exist….

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1934 Colson Flyer Hi-Lo Drive

Restored Deluxe Hi-Lo with two speed transmission built in.Equipped with Pharis snake belly tires.Delta Nighthawk Headlight and battery can with toolbox built in.NOS Delta Rowdy horn,button and Defnder taillight on board.Nickel plated springs on a Troxel saddle was also part of the deluxe package.NOS Persons Majectic Siren was added. Entry Submitted by Bill Triplett…

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