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1934 Schwinn Aerocycle, 1935 Elgin Bluebird, 1937 Roadmaster Supreme, 1939 Shelby Airflo, 1940 Huffman Champion, 1941 Mercury “lit tank”. Entry Submitted by walter adams

1915 Elgin Diamond Frame

1915 Elgin Diamond Frame

All original 28 inch diamond frame as shown in the 1910’s Elgin Catalog page 844. This bike has Delta lights, battery box and tires made in Indiana. Entry Submitted by MORRIE TURNER

1923 Elgin Motorbike

This 1923 Elgin is just about as original as you can ever expect to find them. Nothing has been restored, only cleaned. Original paint, original Troxel leather saddle, original pedals, grips, etc. It still...

1928 Elgin Motorbike

1928 Elgin Motorbike

This 1928 Elgin, owned and restored by Scott McCaskey (paint by Dave Stromberger) is an excellent example of deluxe bicycles offered in the late 1920’s. It features a toolbox tank with battery clip and...

1930 Elgin Cardinal

About a week and a half ago I was combing through Craigslist Phoenix Az. and came across this 1930 Elgin Cardinal . Couldn’t believe it ! Right in front of me, I grabbed my...