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1942 Elgin

This is a war time bike from Elgin. Original two tone with white accents throughout. Deluxe model according to the Elgin/Higgins book. All State Tires and Musselman coaster brake. Entry Submitted by Hugo Saavedra

1947 J.C. Higgins base model

This early post-WW2 Sears bicycle was one of those that throws off new collectors. It features rear facing drop-outs and drop-stand “ears” that are usually associated with pre-ww2 bicycles. This bike however, was made...

1949 J.C. Higgins

This fine example of an original, un-restored 1949 J.C. Higgins Color Flow belongs to Rick Collier. This deluxe bike features the “Batwing” dual headlight that was exclusive to J.C. Higgins bikes, sold at Sears...