1939-1941 Packard (Roadmaster) 4-gill

1940 Roadmaster 4gill 1.jpg

…ler than other mens models, matching the head tube size of ladies models. Roadmaster with the 4-gill tank and a Packard name badge  The faceted plastic tail light lens is visible in this photo. Some versions of this light had a blue-dot lens installed.  The badge on this bicycle reads “Packard” but there was no actual relationship to the Packard automobile company.  Another 4-gill, this one with a Champion name tag.&nbs…

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1938 Packard

1938 Cwc Packard girls 1.jpg

This Rare 1938 Packard ladies bicycle was manufactured by the Cleveland Welding Company, makers of Roadmaster bicycles. It is in very nice original condition and still has all the unusual parts that it was equiped with when it was new in 1938. Notice the chrome chainguard with streamlined rear portion that flows right into the fender stays. The crank arms are arched to match the seat tube and carrier stays. On the fork are mounted twin Delta Sil…

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1941 Schwinn BA-107 Straightbar Autocycle – Packard

This fairly rare Packard badged Schwinn BA-107 Autocycle with tall frame belongs to Larry and Linda Weyand and was recently restored by Dave Stromberger at Dave’s Vintage Bicycles. The seat was restored by Bob Usasi in leather with the original “Mesinger B-1 Deluxe” stamp. It features a horn-tank, built in fender headlight, 6-hole carrier with original glass reflector, deluxe fender reflector, New Departure 2-speed hub and Schw…

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1937 Packard Imperial

1937 Colson Commander TL 01.JPG

…Scott McCaskey’s 1937 Colson Imperial is an outstanding, well preserved example of a very rare bike. This Packard badged Colson still wears it’s original paint and plating. It is equipped with a Lobdell horizontal-spring saddle, Stewart-Warner Clipper speedometer, aluminum Delta horn-light, and an aluminum Delta tail-light. Notice the unique Colson goose-neck, and “waterfall” badge that is attached to the fork rather than…

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