1936 Rollfast Sport Motobike De Luxe K-24F

Rebuild after three years of finding the right parts, restore the decals myself, Scott McCaskey helped me out with the colors and Greg Armstrong helped me out with the decals, pinstripe it meself, Daniel Venturi helped me out with a drawing of the lightning. I tried to get it original as possible, a few thing are at the plating shop, handlebar stem is temporary, waiting now on grips and truss rods. Entry Submitted by Ronald vijsma…

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1935 Rollfast Rat Bike


This is a custom “rat bike” based on a 1935 Rollfast Motorbike. Features Fat Frank tires, 1941 “Hibbard” Snyder built spring fork with Monark truss-rods, large sprocket on front, 1890’s small front sprocket adapted to the rear, Old-Sol headlight, Battery can, tire pump and a nice restored Messenger long-spring saddle….

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1947 Rollfast De Luxe Motobike


Here is an almost daily driver with LOTS of fatigued original paint, incorrect parts here and there (Roadmaster rear carrier.., pedals..etc. thanks Carl…but it fits looks nice?). Found a tank (thanks Jerry..”ouch” on price..) that matched perfect/correct for the bike and after replacing the innards of the original fender light, it works!! Rims are obviously bogus (schlockbogus as Leon would say) but light up the road in bright…

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1950’s Rollfast middleweight

Mid 1950's Rollfast

This is a great example of a transition-bike. During the mid to late 1950’s when manufacturers were switching from primarily offering balloon tire bikes, to those with narrower middleweight tires, they often changed nothing more than the width of the fenders and the tires. This bike shows balloon tire styling, but with middleweight wheels. Looks a bit odd, but this is how they made them!…

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