Rollfast Bicycles

Rollfast bicycycles have a long and complex history that has close ties between two different company. The D.P. Harris Hardware and Manufacturing Company originated the name in the 1890′s, and later teamed up with the H.P. Snyder Manufacturing Company in the early 1900′s. Snyder was the primary manufacturer of the bicycles, while Harris provided some of the parts and marketed them. During the Great Depression, Snyder began manufactur…

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1936 Rollfast V200 Custom Built

2006-01-16 017.JPG

Deluxe model V200 Rollfast bicycle featuring Troxel Toolbox saddle and Delta Red Ray tail light, Entry Submitted by Bill Triplett Top of the line for Rollfast, this bike has it all! Lights, tank, toolbox seat, horn, whitewalls. Cross braced handlebars, mirror and E.A. Laboratories bakelite horn button are visible in this photo. Delta “Red Ray” tail light that incorporates a reflector sits prou…

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1935 Rollfast Rat Bike


This is a custom “rat bike” based on a 1935 Rollfast Motorbike. Features Fat Frank tires, 1941 “Hibbard” Snyder built spring fork with Monark truss-rods, large sprocket on front, 1890′s small front sprocket adapted to the rear, Old-Sol headlight, Battery can, tire pump and a nice restored Messenger long-spring saddle….

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