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Hiawatha Arrow

This months featured bicycle is a Shelby built Hiawatha “no-nose” Air-Flo. Notice the tank does not extend past the head tube like it does on the standard Airflo bicycles, yet the bike still retains...

Walt’s Vintage Bicycles

1934 Schwinn Aerocycle, 1935 Elgin Bluebird, 1937 Roadmaster Supreme, 1939 Shelby Airflo, 1940 Huffman Champion, 1941 Mercury “lit tank”. Entry Submitted by walter adams

1890’s Shelby Ideal Ladies Model

1890’s Shelby Ideal Ladies Model

This Shelby built Ideal ladies model features a unique saddle. Notice the interesting head badge that is designed to look like a sprocket. Unique head badge is shaped like a sprocket.

1930’s Carryflector Handlebar Accesory

These Carryflectors, also known as “handlebar ducks” were made to be installed on the handlebars of the bicycle and provided a place for the rider to hang something such as his newspaper bag. They...

1938 Hiawatha Arrow

This beautifully restored Hiawatha Arrow, manufactured by the Shelby Cycle Co., wears a unique pumpkin orange and cream paint job, pinstriped in black. Looks fantastic! Entry Submitted by John Simpson