1963 (circa) AMF Westpoint

This early 1960′s 26″ AMF (Roadmaster) built Westpoint girl’s bike was a lot of fun to build. It was a complete basket case when I first got it. However, now it’s pretty much the way it looked 50 years ago … Continue reading

1937 Colson Vogue


1937 Colson Vogue , Craigslist find.End pics show the Vogue before DE-RUSTERATION and the Craigslist picture .Made the Vogue plate , have since found an replacement … ALUMINUM HORN LIGHT,LOBDELL HORIZONTAL SEAT,PERSONS TEARDROP PEDALS…Only item still have to find is … Continue reading

1948 Schwinn B6 Autocycle

1948 Schwinn B6 black BU 01

Restored back to factory specifications by Schwinn restoration specialist, Bob Usasi. Done in black and cream, this beautiful Schwinn is what dreams were made of for boys in the late 1940′s. Equipped with a Forewheel (drum) brake on the front, … Continue reading

1937 Columbia Superb Special 50th Anniversary


I just bought this bike the serial No. B122393 and I`m thinking about restoring at the same time I not sure if thats a good idea or not . While i’m throwing it around in my head I thought I … Continue reading