1953-54 Schwinn Jaguar


The first two years for the Schwinn Jaguar model were fitted with balloon tires, but featured rim-brakes and three speed Sturmey Archer hubs. The bikes original were equipped with Schwinn Monsoon Cord whitewall tires. Starting in 1955, the Jaguar was … Continue reading

1954-1964 Schwinn Corvette

1954-1958 Schwinn Corvette

The Schwinn Corvette was one of the most popular bicycles that Schwinn sold from 1954 through 1964. It wasn’t the most expensive bike in their line-up, but a was a nicely equipped model that was very appealing to most kids … Continue reading

1928 Elgin Motorbike

1928 Elgin side SM.jpg

This 1928 Elgin, owned and restored by Scott McCaskey (paint by Dave Stromberger) is an excellent example of deluxe bicycles offered in the late 1920′s. It features a toolbox tank with battery clip and switch built in, handlebar mounted headlight … Continue reading

1941 Western Auto 32nd Aniversary Sale Catalog


This scanned page from a Western Auto dealer catalog shows the bicycle models available during this special sale in 1941. Models built by Huffman and the Cleveland Welding Company are shown. Davis Deluxe bicycle tires are also shown. … Continue reading

1940 Western Auto Red Tag Sale catalog


This scanned page from a 1940 Western Auto Supply catalog shows a wide variety of Western Flyer bicycles that were available. In the lineup are a Huffman built men’s bicycle with streamline 3 rib tank, Huffman built ladies model with … Continue reading

1937 Mercury Goodyear Window Display


Goodyear store window with 1937 Goodyear Hi-Way Patrol bicycle. Bike is similar to the Mercury model. Many people simply call this bike a Mercury regardless of which badge it has. 1937 Goodyear window display with Mercury bicycle.  … Continue reading

1940 Monark Superframe 5-bar

This months Bike of the Month is a 1940 Monark Superframe “5-bar”. Restoration done by Dave at nostalgic.net. Saddle restored by Bob Usasi. It has several unusual features, most notable are the handlebars which are designed to be mounted in … Continue reading

Beauty and Bikes on Atlantic City Boardwalks


Six lovely ladies on their deluxe 1930′s Bicycles. Noteworthy bicycles are, 3rd from the left, Rollfast V-200, far right is a Schwinn Motorbike and just to the left of that is a Schwinn Aerocycle. … Continue reading