1936 Dayton Safety Streamliner

Restored Huffman built in original moss green color.Beautiful Bob Strucel paint work.Riding on US Royal Master white walls.Equipped with built in Delta hornlight and tail light.Horn button was placed in the right grip as to not break the smooth lines … Continue reading

1941 Colson Imperial Twin-Cushion

Older restored Twin Cushioner.Riding on Mansfield Champion white wall tires.Has restored Torrington 11 pedals and Grilled horn tank.Rear carrier with taillight was part of the deluxe package. Entry Submitted by Bill Triplett … Continue reading

1934 Colson Flyer Hi-Lo Drive

Restored Deluxe Hi-Lo with two speed transmission built in.Equipped with Pharis snake belly tires.Delta Nighthawk Headlight and battery can with toolbox built in.NOS Delta Rowdy horn,button and Defnder taillight on board.Nickel plated springs on a Troxel saddle was also part … Continue reading

1936 Colson Commander

aug 28 001.jpg

Art deco bike designed by Wilbur Henry Adams industrial designer from Cleveland.Unlike anything on the market at that time and was not very popular.Only a handful are in existance today. The largest head badge ever for Colson. Entry Submitted by … Continue reading

1942 Elgin base model

War time bike from Sears.Original paint including handle bars,stencil headbadge and reflective striped fenders. Murray Ohio built basic rider with only a trip meter option. Entry Submitted by Bill Triplett … Continue reading