1890’s Union Cushion Tire Safety

Rare early 1890’s Union cushion tire safety bicycle. Missing a lot of parts, but certainly still a very interesting bike!
Entry Submitted by Dave Stromberger

dave stromberger/99802-unionsafety01.jpg

dave stromberger/99802-dsc_3098.jpg

dave stromberger/99802-dsc_3103.jpg

dave stromberger/99802-dsc_3113.jpg

dave stromberger/99802-dsc_3102.jpg

dave stromberger/99802-dsc_3107.jpg

dave stromberger/99802-dsc_3115.jpg

dave stromberger/99802-dsc_3118.jpg

dave stromberger/99802-dsc_3114.jpg

dave stromberger/99802-dsc_3101.jpg

dave stromberger/99802-dsc_3120.jpg

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