1946-50′s Monark Super Deluxe

Complete original, un-restored example of the top-of-the-line bicycle offered by Monark. The Super Deluxe features horn tank, rear carrier with chrome trim, dual spring fork, headlight. Later version features the “train light” while earlier versions use the “pedestal light”.

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1948 Monark Super Deluxe 1.jpg

1948 Monark Super Deluxe 2.jpg

1948 Monark Super Deluxe 3.jpg

1954 Monarch Super Deluxe 1.jpg

1954 Monarch Super Deluxe 2.jpg

1954 Monarch Super Deluxe 4.jpg

1954 Monarch Super Deluxe 5.jpg

1954 Monarch Super Deluxe 3.jpg

1950 Monark Super Deluxe 2.jpg

1950's Monark Superdeluxe 1.jpg

1950's Monark Superdeluxe 2.jpg

1950's Monark Superdeluxe 3.jpg

1950's Monark Superdeluxe 4.jpg

1950's Monark Superdeluxe 5.jpg

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1946-50′s Monark Super Deluxe — 6 Comments

  1. Now are the other monarks that you have posted just photos you wanted to post or are any of these for sale? I am interested in any one of them. I don’t know how old any of the posts are, so if you would email me back your response at youthfulmind1@hotmail.com, I would greatly appreciate it. If you prefer to call, you could reach me at 720-377-8696. Thank you.

  2. I still have a 1950 Monark Super Deluxe that was given to me new by my parents. It is all original except for the tires and the batteries for the horn and the light. In addition, I still have the orginal instructions, parts list, and sales receipt. It is not for sale. I’m giving to my home town museum. – Grant

  3. When I was 12 years old, I won a red “Monark Super Deluxe” bicycle, in a “Skylark” bread contest, conducted at a Safeway food store here in Pueblo, Colorado in 1951.
    What a real surprise for me.
    I think about that bicycle now and then and wonder how much would be worth today.

    Does anyone know about how much it is worth today?

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