1950′s Murray Vanguard

Please Help with year Model. This bike I have purchased & made a cool bike for for my son. We cannot find any info. on-line regarding the name on the tank “Vanguard” it has a Rocket airplane that is painted on the tank along with x3. The chain guard has a Rocket/airplane painted as well . The Head badge is Murray Cleavland, Ohio. I Know Murray left Cleavland in the 50′s and resumed in TN. in 1956. The Number on the bottom of the drop-out is M O (vertical slash up & down, not an I because it is slightly longer) W 38×50 It is a 24″ Any Help please ?? jffrschrs@yahoo.com 336-589-8004
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1950′s Murray Vanguard — 2 Comments

  1. Hi
    I have a murray bike the tag says tennessee 1990
    and I would like to know if it is valuable to anyone but me :)
    It is called Monterey
    will try and attach a pic of my bike


    • Hi Debbie. The retro styled Murray bicycles that were made in the 1980′s and 1990′s don’t have a collector following, but they do make good riders, so if it’s in good shape, it’s worth keeping around and using! Some of the early ones had whitewall tires that say “Lightning Dart” on the side. If your bike has these and they are in good shape, they are worth about as much as the bike itself. Made in USA, they are getting harder to find and are desirable to collectors.

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