1957 Huffy Radio Bike

One of the most innovative bikes ever produced, this Huffy Radio Bike features a radio built into the tank. The batteries were housed in the rear carrier and the antenna ran along the down tube. This bike was offered in red, green, and blue.

1957 Huffy Radio Bike 1.jpg

1957 Huffy Radio Bike 2.jpg

1957 Huffy Radio Bike 3.jpg

1957 Huffy Radio Bike 4.jpg

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1957 Huffy Radio Bike — 6 Comments

  1. I remember the Huffy radio bike, but do not recall what kind of battery, and the voltage, that was in the battery box to run the radio. I see several articles on the bike, a side view pic of the radio tubes, but no telling what kind of battery was used?
    I suppose some day China will make a knock off with am/fm and an LED torpedo head light.Why not, we gave them farm too.
    Bill in Michigan.

    • Have 1956-1957 girls huffy bike. Never ridden. Battery one D battery. Bought for my 5 year old daughter for Christmas. She passed away. Bike in attic. Did change boxes about 5 years ago. Light has only one D battery Charles

  2. Hello everyone! I am a student of Master Media History in France, and I value the project as Huffy Radio Bike through a book that will trace its manufacture, its success, but also the ’50s, music and radio this period. And to help me get this project I need you! In fact, I need pictures of the bike and some testimonies of people who want to see their stories appear in the book, because I want this book becomes the story of a common memory culture for those who have experienced this bike. For the moment this project is fictional, since I am part of my studies. In addition, I would like to know if you remember in what newspapers, there were advertisements for Huffy Radio Bike? And in what state he has been the most sold? Thank you in advance. Ps: Of course I would ask your copyrights with respect to documents you can contact me, contracts will be made.

  3. i got one for my birthday back in 56 it was bought in oriville calf. dont know what ever happend to it. think i was in 6th grade at the time. loyd

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