1950′s Columbia Built, Goodyear

Very nice original bike featuring chrome torpedo headlight and a tank.  Since this was only a semi-deluxe model, the tank did not contain a horn unit. Badged and sold through Goodyear stores (who sold more than tires back in those days), but made by Westfield Manufacturing, aka Columbia. The streamlined pedals that were added on.

1950's Goodyear 1.jpg

1950's Goodyear 2.jpg

1950's Goodyear 3.jpg

1950's Goodyear 5.jpg

1950's Goodyear 6.jpg

1950's Goodyear 7.jpg

1950's Goodyear 11.jpg

1950's Goodyear 9.jpg

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1950′s Columbia Built, Goodyear — 4 Comments

  1. I see this same bike posted on different sites with different years? Any ideas about narrowing a year down on it? Skip tooth bikes go into the early 50′s. But the style just seems like late 40′s? Darn those record keepers!

    • Serial number records do exist for Columbia built bikes, but since we don’t have the serial number for this one, the only way we’d be able to narrow it down is by looking at sales brochures and comparing features. I don’t have an extensive collection of post WW2 Goodyear catalogs, so that makes it very difficult. I used to own the bike pictured, but never did keep a record of the serial number. Bikes often looked very similar for quite a few years in a row, too, which doesn’t help.

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