1937 Colson Vogue

Rare original Colson Vogue deluxe ladies bicycle. This bike has several unusual features, most notable is the battery box between the seat tube and the rear fender. The light switch and horn button are on a small round fixture that is mounted on the top tube near the gooseneck. No other bike has this configuration. Other features found on other Colson models are the “waterfall” name badge and the “tube and slats” carrier. Original blue and red paint is still very presentable. Very cool bike! Photos courtesy Sam Dickinson.

1937 Colson Vogue SD 1.jpg

1937 Colson Vogue SD 2.jpg

1937 Colson Vogue SD 3.jpg

1937 Colson Vogue SD 4.jpg

1937 Colson Vogue SD 5.jpg

1937 Colson Vogue SD 6.jpg

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