1950′s Rollfast Hopalong Cassidy

This month, for Bike of the Month we present this freshly restored 1950′s Hopalong Cassidy bicycle. It belongs to Charles Larcom of Star Bike Shop in Savannah Georgia and was restored by Dave Stromberger of Dave’s Vintage Bicycles in Davenport, WA. It features the very rare set of original cap guns, holsters, studded fenders and decorated Leather saddle bags. This was as good as it got in the 1950′s for kids! Notice the horse shoe name badge and the fancy “hub caps”. Also still on the bike are the very hard to find original Hoppy pedals. Wow, what kid wouldn’t have wanted this bike?

1950's Hoppy CL 1.jpg

1950's Hoppy CL 2.jpg

1950's Hoppy CL 3.jpg

1950's Hoppy CL 4.jpg

1950's Hoppy CL 5.jpg

1950's Hoppy CL 6.jpg

1950's Hoppy CL 7.jpg

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1950′s Rollfast Hopalong Cassidy — 6 Comments

  1. My brother and I own a Hop a long bike the back wheels are missing but with the exception of the pistols have the rest of the bike. If interested please email me

    • I have a Rollfast Hopalong Cassidy Bike 1950′s that was bought new for me when I was a young boy, which I would sell. If interested please contact me.

  2. I have an original unrestored 26″ girls hopalong Cassidy bicycle. I will sell for $3500. I am located in Long Island New York.

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