1958-1963 Sears, J.C. Higgins Flightliner

The J.C. Higgins Flightliner bicycle was the top bike offered by Sears between 1958 and 1963. For the 1963 model year, Sears dropped the J.C. Higgins brand name from their bicycle line.

1960's Flightliner 1.jpg

1960's Flightliner 2.jpg
The headlight and lens is missing from this bicycle. 

1960's Flightliner 3.jpg
The custom accessory padded and pleated seat on this bicycle is not original. 

1960's Flightliner 4.jpg

1960's Flightliner 5.jpg

1960's Flightliner 6.jpg

1960's Flightliner 7.jpg

1960's Flightliner 8.jpg

1960's Flightliner 9.jpg
Tank with SEARS label on the side. 

1960's Flightliner 10.jpg

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1958-1963 Sears, J.C. Higgins Flightliner — 8 Comments

  1. Looking for a front fender and possibly tank for a 64 ladies flightliner?, email me back and i’ll send pic’s, if you would like to help me:) I’m trying to restore the bike for my 9 yr. daughter, She loves the style!
    Thanks again, Diana

    • Hi Diana,my name is Charles and if your looking for parts for your jc higgins flightliner I would check with Memory Lane Classics out of Toledo Ohio and also with bicycle heaven in Pennsylvania if.They wete both a big help to me when restoring my 1963 jc higgins flightliner

  2. The Flightliner wasn’t produced after 1963, and was never produced at the same time as the Spaceliner. The Flightliner was the top of the line tank bike until ’63. The Spaceliner took over that position when it was introduced in 1964 and the Flightliner was phased out (Spaceliners were produced between 1964-1968).

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