1920′s Mead Ranger Motorbike

1920′s Schwinn built Mead Ranger. All original except pedals and tires. Tires are period correct. Check out the grips and wooden rims. Nice original Ranger Brown paint. Notice the unique placement of the Delta battery can on the top tube.

Entry Submitted by Marc Pfisterer

This old Mead Ranger bicycle is in amazing original condition! 

Top of the line for its day, this Mead Ranger bicycle has an electrically operated headlight, plunger “ahooga” horn, rear carrier, tool box tank and leather saddle. 

Tool box tank showing the access door. Delta batter canister is mounted to the top tube. 

Ranger decal is in great shape after all these years. 

Even the down tube has a Ranger decal. 

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1920′s Mead Ranger Motorbike — 3 Comments

  1. I have nearly the same ranger with the pump, tank, and horn, but I have not found a light yet. Where did you get the tires? My tires are original but begin to lose air in a day.

  2. I have two Mead Cyclery Rangers from the 19teens in fair condition. I would like to sell them, so I am wondering how much to ask. I would also like to sell them to someone who appreciated them the way my father did. Any suggestions?

  3. Hi Kyle, the value will depend very much on the condition. I have an 19teens Ranger as well which when purchased was in very poor shape and I got it for $400. I have seen some go as high as 3500 in great shape though. If you like send me an e-mail with pics and I’ll try and help you out…Maybe even make an offer :-) dan at monkeyplex dot com is my e-mail.

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