1949 Schwinn Black Phantom

First year of production 1949 Schwinn Black Phantom serial #f28xxx. This bike was restored in 1998 using original and NOS (New Old Stock) parts. the Forewheel brake and stop lite are NOS. The seat is the correct Messinger B1 Deluxe for this year.

Entry Submitted by Steve Mc Cann

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1949 Schwinn Black Phantom — 2 Comments

  1. I used to own a first year 1949 Black Phantom that was all original and never restored. The correct seat is not a Messinger B1 , it was the deluxe Phantom seat that everyone knows about. The difference between the first year 1949 seat and the later years is that there are no rivets in the leather cover of the 1949 model.

  2. Early-Release advertisements show the Phantom with B1 saddle. As we know by now, much of what you see rendered in Schwinn literature is quite accurate but can vary or depict in some cases, different equipment than the bike were built with. Most 1949 Phantoms I have seen had the deep Phantom style Mesinger saddle. I have a small handful with the B1 seats……maybe even less than a handful. But I have seen most 49′s with the deep pan saddle. And what is truly unique and early are the very early jeweled and studded Phantom seats. They have four decorative studs on the back of the seat, two large, two small and one PLASTIC non-faceted 9 hole style rack reflector in the center, and no rivets. From what I’ve seen these very early deluxe seats were also black, as opposed to tan. And no rivets. Everyone is a so-called “expert”……I derive my “expertise” by physically seeing hundreds of Phantoms over the last 30 years and restoring quite a few of these bikes over the last 20 years. B1 saddle could be a possibility on a 49….but a very rare exception.

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