1918 Harley Davidson Motorcyke

1918 HD Bicycle.JPG

Restored, wood wheels, olive green paint, nickle plating. Entry Submitted by Brian Kunzog Signature olive green paint was used on all Harley Davidson bicycle models. Notice the H.D. letters integrated into the sprocket design. … Continue reading

1888 Facile Geared High Wheel

1888 Facile 1.jpg

Early use of gearing in a bicycle is evident in this Facile bicycle. Because of the gearing, it was possible to make the front wheel smaller while still allowing the rider to achieve some speed. Entry Submitted by Dave Stromberger … Continue reading

1900′s Bicycle Head Badges, Gendron, Diamond, Packard, Franklin

Badge Gendron.jpg

Always looking to add unusual and unique American headbadges to my collection. Please email Scott at sm2501@aol.com. – Gendron, Packard, Franklin and Diamond. Entry Submitted by Scott McCaskey … Continue reading

1910′s Miami Cycle built, Rami

1910s Miami Rami 1.jpg

Rare Mesinger Superba saddle on this old machine! In the early teens, Indian motorcycles used a very similar seat. Entry Submitted by Dave Stromberger. Mesinger Superba saddle, similar to that used on 1913 Indian motorcycles. … Continue reading