1969 Murray Eliminator Mark II


In May of 1969 Murray came out with a new line of Eliminator called the Mark II. These were a all new design with hump back frame to give them a Tubed wheel well look, and raked front end With … Continue reading

1955 Western Flyer X-53 Super Deluxe

1955 Western Flyer X-53 - right

The Western Flyer X-53 Super was the top of the line bicycle sold through the Western Auto store chain which does not exist today. This bicycle was built by Murray Ohio Mfg. Co. for Western Auto from 1953 to 1958 … Continue reading

1935 Shapleigh’s – Rugby Bicycle Catalog Pages

catalog - 1935 Shapleigh 01

Shapleigh’s Hardware Stores, like many other stores all over America, sold bicycles back in the 1930′s. Shapleigh’s brand names for their bicycles were Wonder and Rugby. Judging by these catalog pages, they primarily used bicycles manufactured by Westfield (aka, Columbia), … Continue reading

History of Eclipse Bicycle Company / Eclipse Machine Division

Eclipse History 1

Published in November of 1944 in the companies internal newsletter. Covers the history of the company from its earliest roots as the Steel Pulley and Machine Company in 1883, through 1944 when this article was written, and the company was … Continue reading

1898 Eclipse Bicycles Catalog

catalog - 1898 eclipse cover

This is a scan of the catalog from the Eclipse Bicycle Company, Elmira, N.Y. from 1898. Please note the very innovative brake system shown on pages 20 and 21. Eclipse was the maker of the Morrow Coaster Brake. Thanks to … Continue reading

1936 Elgin Bluebird – Patent

1936 Bluebird pg1

These are the original design patent documents for the Elgin Bluebird bicycle, attributed to Kelvin H. Booty, assignor to Sears, Roebuck and Co. The application date is January 11, 1936, which is strangely a year after the bicycle was actually … Continue reading

1969 Iverson – Comic Strip Advertisement

ad - 1969 Iverson comic

From Boys’ Life magazine, May 1969. A comic strip featuring “Members of The mighty i Patrol! Illustrated is one of the George Barris designed Iverson “Drag Stripper” muscle bikes. [click thumbnail for full size image] … Continue reading

1959 Schwinn Corvette – Comic Book Advertisement

ad - 1959 Schwinn Corvette

Ad from a 1959 Comic book for the Schwinn Corvette. In partial, it reads: MORE BOYS AND GIRLS RIDE Schwinn THAN ANY OTHER BIKE! “It’s the world’s finest” Take a look at these Features! 3-Speed Gears! Hand Brakes! CHROME FRONT … Continue reading

1962 Schwinn Corvette 5-Speed – Comic Book Advertisement

ad - 1962 Schwinn Corvette 5-speed

This Christmas 1961 comic book advertisement from Schwinn shows the new 1962 5-speed Corvette. In part, it reads: THE MOST THRILLING NEW BIKE YOU’VE EVER SEEN! Schwinn 5-Speed Corvette TEST RIDE This Amazing New 5-Speed Derailleur Gearshift! The NEW Schwinn … Continue reading

1956 Schwinn Corvette – Comic Book Advertisement

ad - 1956 Schwinn Corvette

Advertisement for the 1956 Schwinn Corvette. Taken from a comic book. In part, it reads: HEY KIDS! Have more fun on the best bike of them all! The 3-speed SchwinN Corvette – JUST LOOK! 3-Speed Gears Hand Brakes, front and … Continue reading