1936 New Departure Hub Schematics


Hub parts catalog pages for New Departure hubs, circa 1936. These hubs were produced essentially un-changed all the way into the 1950′s. New Departure Model D and Model A rear coaster brake hubs and parts. New Departure model W and … Continue reading

Stewart Warner Stewart Warner


Makers of bicycle speedometers and the “Floating Hub”. 1930′s “Bike Speedometer”  Early 30′s “Speed-Meter”  Replacement cable, still with original packaging.  The Floating Hub provided cushioned ride for the front wheel.  The “Golden Meteor” Speedometer  … Continue reading

The Torrington Company

Makers of bicycle spokes, pedals, handeblars, goosenecks, and bearings. Torrington #10 Pedals. Commonly used on deluxe bicycles in the 1930′s through 1950′s Torrington #17 Pedals. Ladies version of the deluxe streamline bicycle pedals used in the 1930′s … Continue reading

1930′s Torrington Battery Bars


These Torrington handlebars provided a storage compartment for batteries to run a headlight on bicycles that did not come with a “tank”. A Delta switch to operate the light was located at the right end of the compartment. This set … Continue reading

1930′s Carryflector Handlebar Accesory

These Carryflectors, also known as “handlebar ducks” were made to be installed on the handlebars of the bicycle and provided a place for the rider to hang something such as his newspaper bag. They were made in Portland Oregon by … Continue reading

Bicycle Head Badges


Collection of restored bicycle head badges. Restoration by Dave at Dave’s Vintage Bicycles – www.nostalgic.net. Upper left – Gambles Hiawatha. Upper Right – Packard, used by Colson. Lower Left and middle – Lafrance and Airflyte, used by Huffman in the … Continue reading

E.A. Laboratories, Inc.


E.A. Laboratories, Inc. manufactured bicycle electrical accessories. You will find their products primarily on pre-WW2 bicycles. The company also made electrical equipment for other industries besides bicycles, but that is outside the scope of this website. … Continue reading

Delta Electric Company


The Delta Electric Company in Marion Indiana produced bicycle accessories for many years. Their most popular product product was headlights. Most bicycle manufacturers chose Delta head lights and tail lights as original equipment on their deluxe bicycles. Some bicycles, such … Continue reading