1950′s Rollfast middleweight

Mid 1950's Rollfast

This is a great example of a transition-bike. During the mid to late 1950′s when manufacturers were switching from primarily offering balloon tire bikes, to those with narrower middleweight tires, they often changed nothing more than the width of the … Continue reading

1960′s AMF Roadmaster Amelite Cobra

Roadmaster Amelite Cobra 1_resize

Talk about a rare bike! Have you ever seen one of these? The design is entire unique. Double bar frame with an aluminum decorative “console” cover is the first thing that pops out. But then look at the rear carrier. … Continue reading

1959 Western Flyer Custom

1959 Western Flyer Custom - Completed

Not a traditional color or treatment, but the style remains classic. Started with a crusty bike that badly needed restoration. Candy gold and pearl white fenders, hand pinstriped. Custom leather saddle with tool bag, grips, and headlight top it off. … Continue reading

1946 Bowden Spacelander Prototype

photo - Ben Bowden with Spacelander

The photo below shows a photo of Ben Bowden with his prototype bicycle called the Bowden Classic¹ during the Britain Can Make It show. It was made of aluminum and utilized shaft-drive¹ instead of the typical chain-drive. Futuristic in style, it looked entirely … Continue reading

1959 Schwinn Corvette – Comic Book Advertisement

ad - 1959 Schwinn Corvette

Ad from a 1959 Comic book for the Schwinn Corvette. In partial, it reads: MORE BOYS AND GIRLS RIDE Schwinn THAN ANY OTHER BIKE! “It’s the world’s finest” Take a look at these Features! 3-Speed Gears! Hand Brakes! CHROME FRONT … Continue reading

1962 Schwinn Corvette 5-Speed – Comic Book Advertisement

ad - 1962 Schwinn Corvette 5-speed

This Christmas 1961 comic book advertisement from Schwinn shows the new 1962 5-speed Corvette. In part, it reads: THE MOST THRILLING NEW BIKE YOU’VE EVER SEEN! Schwinn 5-Speed Corvette TEST RIDE This Amazing New 5-Speed Derailleur Gearshift! The NEW Schwinn … Continue reading

1956 Schwinn Corvette – Comic Book Advertisement

ad - 1956 Schwinn Corvette

Advertisement for the 1956 Schwinn Corvette. Taken from a comic book. In part, it reads: HEY KIDS! Have more fun on the best bike of them all! The 3-speed SchwinN Corvette – JUST LOOK! 3-Speed Gears Hand Brakes, front and … Continue reading

1955 Schwinn Corvette – Comic Book Advertisement

ad - 1955 Schwinn Corvette

Advertisement page from a 1955 comic book. It reads in part: YIPEE! RIDE IT COWBOY! The Schwinn Corvette 3-Speed Middleweight Bike Just take a ride on this exciting new bike and you’ll see why the Corvette gives you more fun … Continue reading

1955 Schwinn Corvette 3-Speed

My 1955 Schwinn Corvette - side view

This Radiant Green, 1955 Schwinn Corvette 3-speed is a rare B.F. Goodrich badged model. It differs from Schwinn branded bikes by its badge and tires. The original tires were B.F. Goodrich Silvertown whitewalls, but they have been replaced with reproduction … Continue reading