1967 Schwinn Sting-Ray 2-speed

1967 Schwinn 2speed Stingray violet.jpg

1967 Schwinn Stingray with Bendix 2-speed “kick back” Automatic triple blue band hub. This bike features a NOS speedometer, orginal owner’s manual and handlebar sign with original clip, NOS Ball Light, NOS whitewall slik and Schwinn westwind front tire. 1967 … Continue reading

1971 Schwinn Cotton Picker Sting-Ray

1971 Schwinn Cotton Picker 5 speed 1.JPG

This is a beautifully restored 1971 Schwinn Cotton Picker 5-speed Krate Bicycle. NEW OLD STOCK parts include Superior Front Tire, 5-Speed Stik Shifter, Correct Small Diamond Pedals, White Hand Grips & Lever Covers, White Flag Valve Caps, Black & White … Continue reading

1972 Schwinn Lemon Peeler Sting-Ray

1972 Schwinn Lemon Peeler 5 speed 1.JPG

This is a beautiful 1972 Schwinn Lemon Peeler 5-speed Krate Bicycle. NEW OLD STOCK parts include Rear Raised White Letter Schwinn Slik, Superior Front Tire, 5 Speed Stik Shifter, Correct Large Diamond Pedals, Kool Lemon Grips, Kool Lemon Lever Covers … Continue reading

Anatomy of a Bicycle – Terminology


This diagram shows all the major components of an antique or vintage bicycle and labels them. It is important to know the correct terminology when seeking parts for your restoration project. … Continue reading