1948 Schwinn B6 Autocycle

1948 Schwinn B6 black BU 01

Restored back to factory specifications by Schwinn restoration specialist, Bob Usasi. Done in black and cream, this beautiful Schwinn is what dreams were made of for boys in the late 1940′s. Equipped with a Forewheel (drum) brake on the front, … Continue reading

1950′s Hawthorne


A semi-deluxe bike, sold by Montgomery Ward, and made by the Cleveland Welding Company. Cool wing design on the tank really sets this bike off. The seat on the back is an accessory added later. Not exactly the safest looking … Continue reading

Savage Custom – Native American Theme

H.P. Snyder Custom 1

Post War Savage Ladies Bike This is a post WWII Savage built by HP Snyder, Little Falls, NY, marketed by DP Harris and sold through an unknown retailer. The bike is likely a late 1940s or early 1950s. From the … Continue reading

1947 J.C. Higgins base model


This early post-WW2 Sears bicycle was one of those that throws off new collectors. It features rear facing drop-outs and drop-stand “ears” that are usually associated with pre-ww2 bicycles. This bike however, was made after the war. It is a … Continue reading