1954-55 Evans-Colson Firebird


This top of the line Firebird 3-speed model has seen better days, but it is a rare bike worth saving. Unlike the more common Olympic model it features caliper brakes that reach around the fat fenders, Evanaction spring fork, chrome … Continue reading

Anatomy of a Bicycle – Terminology


This diagram shows all the major components of an antique or vintage bicycle and labels them. It is important to know the correct terminology when seeking parts for your restoration project. … Continue reading

1954 Evans-Colson Catalog

1954 Evans Colson Catalog pg 1.jpg

Bicycle dealer catalog. This catalog shows the full line of bicycles and tricycles offered by Evans Colson for the 1954 model year. The most deluxe bike offered was the Firebird, a 3 speed balloon tire bike with hand brakes and … Continue reading

1950′s Columbia Built, Goodyear


Very nice original bike featuring chrome torpedo headlight and a tank.  Since this was only a semi-deluxe model, the tank did not contain a horn unit. Badged and sold through Goodyear stores (who sold more than tires back in those … Continue reading