1937 Colson Vogue


1937 Colson Vogue , Craigslist find.End pics show the Vogue before DE-RUSTERATION and the Craigslist picture .Made the Vogue plate , have since found an replacement … ALUMINUM HORN LIGHT,LOBDELL HORIZONTAL SEAT,PERSONS TEARDROP PEDALS…Only item still have to find is … Continue reading

1937 Columbia Superb Special 50th Anniversary


I just bought this bike the serial No. B122393 and I`m thinking about restoring at the same time I not sure if thats a good idea or not . While i’m throwing it around in my head I thought I … Continue reading

1939 Schwinn Henderson Motorbike


1939 Schwinn Henderson Motorbike I purchased this motorbike about a year ago. It was restored by Bob Ujszaszi about ten years ago. The silver rays are not original to the bike and I added them after I got the bicycle. … Continue reading

1935 Hawthorne Duralium


First year 1935 for Silver King produced aluminum bicycles, in this instance badged Hawthorne for Montgomery Wards. This was a base model without a rack or electrification in 24 x 2.125″ balloon tires (on silver painted rims) that fit like … Continue reading

1937 Dayton Super Streamline


Three years in the making. A tremendous amount of research went into making the restoration of this rare bike correct. Paint and pin stripe by owner, chrome by Proctors, and super rare original seat done by Bob U. … Continue reading

1940 Huffman Twin-Flex “Big Tank” Champion pair

Marcs Twinflex Pair 1

Here is an outstanding pair of “Big Tank” Huffman built Twin-Flex bicycles. The men’s bicycle is a Firestone “Air-Flex” and features the headlight that are built into the tank. It is restored in beautiful two-tone green with yellow pinstripes. The … Continue reading