1941 Schwinn DX Excelsior – Special Model


This is my most recent find. I got this in trade today from Tim Brandt a local collector and friend. His story and history on the bike is as follows. 1941 Excelsior DX This was one of my first prewar … Continue reading

Original 1937 Mead Ranger Champion


I bought this 1937 Mead Ranger champion for my fiance. This is a very rare girls bike. It was the only one that was equipped with all the auto cycle accessories such as the dual Delta lights, crossbar speedo and … Continue reading

1941 Schwinn Autocycle Cantilever


This is my 1941 Schwinn Autocycle (with cantilever frame) all original paint, reversed colors. Equipped with blackwall Goodyear G3 tires and a short spring Mesinger B1 seat. Found on the East coast about two years ago.   … Continue reading

1937 Schwinn “Liberty” Motorbike

1937 Schwinn Liberty Autocycle 1

1937 Schwinn Chicago Cycle Supply Motorbike “Liberty”.  First year for a variety of features on the Motorbike such as Forewheel front expander brake, gilled tank with enclosed horn, 6 hole rear carrier, curved downtube and angled out Cycle-lock.  Complete restoration using all original … Continue reading

1940 Huffman Champion Model 13 Ladies


Very rare and desirable ladies “big tank” with the welded on kickstand. Top of the line with stainless steel tank and chainguard inserts, lit tank, and lit rack in original “Buick blue” and ivory paint with red pinstriping. Morrow hub of J4 … Continue reading

1937 Schwinn Built Excelsior Motorbike


This is my 1937 Schwinn Motorbike excelsior. This bike is all Original. came with a nice Stewart Warner Clipper speedometer and Excelsior decal on the down-tube. In 1937 you typically don’t see a drop stand on a ’37 Schwinn, but … Continue reading

1937 Schwinn Autocycle with Jewel Tank


This is my 1937 all original / un-circulated Schwinn Autocycle jewel Tank. This bike is equipped with the original crossbar speedo, fender bomb, pogo seat, glass jewel in the tank, chrome rack top, Dual Seiss lights, shorty lever and a … Continue reading

1938 Elgin Robin

1938 Elgin Robin SS 1

From barn find to beauty! This bike was listed on Craigslist and came out of a barn/shed in Michigan. It’s a mix of a distressed restoration and some original paint–mostly the frame and fenders. While removing the blue and yellow, I couldn’t save any … Continue reading

1938-1941 Sears Collegiate (Elgin)

Sears Collegiate 1

Sears “Collegiate”, not to be confused with the Schwinn bicycle by the same name. This was a lower-priced model sold by Sears, which did not carry the usual “Elgin” badge held by the rest of the Sears bicycle line. These … Continue reading