Hiawatha Bicycles

Hiawatha brand bicycles were sold by Gambles Hardware stores from the 1930′s through the 1970′s. Most Hiawatha bicycles were manufactured by the Cleveland Welding Company or the Shelby Cycle Company, however some were made by Murray Ohio and Huffman Manufacturing. The most sought after Hiawatha bicycle is the late 1930′s Arrow model, built by Shelby. It featured extreme styling and was similar to the Shelby Airflow model.

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Hiawatha Bicycles — 3 Comments

  1. hello My name is Dewayne Harper,I live in Roswell New Mexico. Presently I am restoring vintage Cushman motor scooters,have seven. I have too old bicycles I bought at a auction about 10 years ago and am just now getting it out of attic. Don’t know much about them,doing research,came across you on the net. Can you help me to start in the right direction? Like I said don’t know much but I have a hiawatha ,probably from 40′s or 50′s has Indian head on fender. Also have Western flyer probably same age. Where can I look for parts Etc and to find out what exactly I have. Thanks Dewayne

  2. Bought a hiawatha strato liner bycycle at an auction was wondering what is the value don’t have pics right now could get some tomorrow

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