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Schwinn built bicycle are by far the most commonly sought after brand for many collectors. Schwinn’s quality since the early days was unsurpassed. Classics such as the Schwinn Phantom were every boys dream back in the 1950′s. Schwinn’s real impact as an American icon began with the introduction of their balloon-tire equipped Aerocycle in 1933. The Aerocycle, along with the later Auto Cycle and Motorbike are some of the most sought after Schwinns today. Schwinn continued their legacy when they introduced the Schwinn Jaguar and Corvette middle-weight bicycles, and later the Sting Ray and Krate bicycles that were styled after the muscle cars of the day.

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  1. I have a Panther bike that is a vintage bike. I need to contact someone who knows anything about this bike. The serial number is 3424952. This bike is in excellent condition and has the following options: Berko generator and headlight, Torpedo Dreigang 3speed changer, half-size panther chain guard, chrome luggage rack and more options. The brand name on the bike is Panther
    Original. That is the only branding that I can see on the bike. It has foot brakes on the rear wheel and hand brakes on the front wheel. I think this is a very rare bike and I would like to talk to someone who might know anything about this bike. You can reach me (Dave Rumfelt) at 704-616-0664 or email me at Thanks for any help that anyone can give me.
    Dave Rumfelt

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