1940 Hawthorne American

1940 Hawthorne American 1.jpg

The Montgomery Wards Hawthorne “All American” was the top of the line model in 1940 and 1941. It featured a 2 speed shifter built right into the tank. The model pictured here is not the 2-speed model and is refered to as just the “American”. Two versions of the bike were produced. The bike pictured was produced by the Cleveland Welding Company, and another very similar version was produced by H.P. Snyder, makers of Rollfa…

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Early 1950’s Hawthorne Ladies Cruiser

Found in great condition, with little rust on the bright shiny green paint! The bars and stem are far gone and will need re-chroming, along with most all of the metal parts. ALL original parts down to the headlight lens and tires. What a gem! Entry Submitted by Justin Beck Editors note: This bike was made during the Korean war when there were restrictions on on the use of precious metals (those used in the chrome plating process). Most of the pa…

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1948 Hawthorne Montgomery Wards Ladies Bicycle

Red wards hawthorne.jpg

I found this bike at a junk yard for $20.00 I brought this and 4 and 1/2 other bikes home. The bike received it’s new paint at Lubenow Bike shop Armstrong Iowa. Wayne is a very gifted bike mechanic. The bike has a brake light that lights up when the bike is peddled backwards. and turn signals but I have no switch for them. I’m thinking I seen one once on eBay or somewhere that mounted on the handlebars. If some one has a thought on t…

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1941 Hawthorne Ladies Bicycle

atownie side view.JPG

I have had this bike for roughly 10 years. I believe the parts are mainly original… (updated the tires !) The skirt guard is super fun (and functional!) And the front springer fork rocks! It was my commuter in grad school (quite a workout in Corvallis Oregon) Editors note: Chain guard is an aftermarket replacement, and is not factory correct. Also, this model was deluxe and would have had a horn-tank, which is missing. Entry Submitted by A…

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1940-1941 Hawthorne Deluxe

bikes 015.jpg

This Hawthorne though not a comet has the comet stamped tank, it also has an EA labs horn unit and shock master forks. It was restored/house paint sometime before 1965 and still bares the 1965/67 bicycle license tag. Though the paint job was very poorly done it still looks pretty cool. the serial # is E93579 Entry Submitted by Davon Kars…

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