1936-38 Mercury, by Murray

1939 Mercury with pod 1.jpg

This Mercury features the light pod which housed a single light(some housed dual lights), also features tool box tank which allows access to the batteries. Fenders have chrome tips that are unique to the Mercury line and can be found on the top and bottom of the front fender and the bottom of the rear fender incorporated into the reflector….

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1969 Murray Eliminator Mark II

In May of 1969 Murray came out with a new line of Eliminator called the Mark II. These were a all new design with hump back frame to give them a Tubed wheel well look, and raked front end With a 16″ front torsion bar fork and Wheel for that drag car feel! also a Kool Drag brake was added to the shifter for those kool burn outs! glitter seat with Quilted Roll bar and spring shocks to soften the ride. The chain guard was a all new larger the…

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