1937-1938 Roadmaster Cycle Truck

37-38 Cleveland Welding, Roadmaster Cycle Truck. Found abandoned and left for dead on a farm in western Kansas. Every moving part was rusted solid and had to be heated for disassembly. The bike has been reconditioned. I chose to leave the original rusted patina on the bike,I think it fits it and looks pretty good. It is missing the front stand. The bike draws a lot of attention as most people have never seen one before. Entry Submitted by Ronn R…

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1949 Roadmaster Luxury Liner


The Roadmaster was designed by famous industrial designer Brook Stevens. Mr. Stevens also designed the Oscar Meyer Wienermobile, round windows in washers & dryers, bullet nosed train, and some of the Studebaker automobiles. Many people are of the opinion that Roadmaster designed the Luxury Liner to compete with the Schwinn Phantom. In fact, the Luxury Liner was released before the Phantom. The Luxury Liner was truly a loaded bicycle and thi…

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1953 Roadmaster Luxury Liner

Bikes 2-16.jpg

50th anniversary edition. Lots of thumbs up with total strangers stopping me, to take pictures of this wonderful bike. Rides like a lumo. This bike has given me great pride of ownership probably the most under rated bike on the web. Bought this bike new in the orginal box. Entry Submitted by tony ferreira…

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1961 Roadmaster Jet Pilot

1961 24″ AMF Roadmaster Jet Pilot Original Un-restored Bike. Aquired from 2nd owner, Local Bike. The Lights on the Truss bars were missing so they have been replaced with NOS. It has a built in Horn in the Tank with a Push Button to activate. White NOS checkered Flag mudflap added & also a Suicide knob for Kicks ! Entry Submitted by chris jeffries…

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