1955 Western Flyer X-53 Super Deluxe

The Western Flyer X-53 Super was the top of the line bicycle sold through the Western Auto store chain which does not exist today. This bicycle was built by Murray Ohio Mfg. Co. for Western Auto from 1953 to 1958 It was built according to exclusive Western Auto designs. Most likely, many components on the bike were styled by Murray-Ohio’s chief bicycle designer Viktor Schreckengost, a famous industrial designer and artist. The bike featured the…

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1937 Western Auto (Western Flyer) Catalog

These scans, from the 1937 Western Auto Supply catalog show Shelby built bicycles. The deluxe Streamline “Master” model was later called the Air-Flo by Western Auto Supply and other retailers, however Shelby called this early version (1937-1938) the Airflow (no dash, and spelled with a ‘w’ at the end). Later, Shelby would call the bike the Airflo, without a ‘w’. It features a Delta Horn-Lite and Lobdell Horizo…

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1959 Western Flyer “Golden Flyer”

1959 Western Golden Flyer 1.jpg

This rare 1959 Western Flyer “Golden Flyer” marked the 50’th aniversary for the Western Auto Supply chain of stores. Notice the special gold textured fabric seat, dual head lamps, chrome tank, chrome fenders, whitwalls, tail light and spring fork. Very few examples of this bike remain today, and even fewer as nice as this. This bike has not been restored, this is 100% original….

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