1937 Packard Imperial

1937 Colson Commander TL 01.JPG

Scott McCaskey’s 1937 Colson Imperial is an outstanding, well preserved example of a very rare bike. This Packard badged Colson still wears it’s original paint and plating. It is equipped with a Lobdell horizontal-spring saddle, Stewart-Warner Clipper speedometer, aluminum Delta … Continue reading

1941 Colson Built, Firestone Bullnose

1941 Colson Bullnose with Clipper CG 3.JPG

Firestone Super Cruiser, womens model. Features Colson “Cushioner” spring fork. This model is unusual in that it has a chainguard that is normally used on the Goodyear version of this bike, the Goodyear Clipper. … Continue reading

1936 Colson Commander

aug 28 001.jpg

Art deco bike designed by Wilbur Henry Adams industrial designer from Cleveland.Unlike anything on the market at that time and was not very popular.Only a handful are in existance today. The largest head badge ever for Colson. Entry Submitted by … Continue reading

1937 Colson Commander

Outrageous design by Wilbur Henry Adams resulted in this art-deco beauty of a bicycle. Entry Submitted by Bill Triplett Unique frame tubing is continuous from the top of the head tube, all the way around the back and to the … Continue reading

1930′s Packard Ladies model

Here is a 30′s colson with a packard badge all original Entry Submitted by Patrick Lewis Original Colson ladies bike with the Colson exclusive “eyebrow” chain guard. Notice the unique chevron paint scheme on the fenders. Packard art deco head … Continue reading