1941 Firestone Super Cruiser (Colson Bullnose)


This bike is all original and un-restored. This bike was offered in this configuration only in 1941 by Firestone stores. It was manufactured by the Colson company. The “Super Cruiser” was equipped with a spring fork (the Colson Cushioner) and … Continue reading

1941 Goodyear Fall Winter Dealer Catalog

1941 FW Goodyear Dealer pg 20.jpg

The Goodyear Double Eagle Clipper and Double Eagle Deluxe were Goodyear’s top of the line bikes for 1941. The Design was the work of Wilbur Henry Adams, who was involved in other bicycle and toy designs at the time for … Continue reading

1939 Colson Imperial Grill Tank


Features on this bike include aluminum fenders, and headlight, chrome chainguard and a grilled tank. This Goodyear badge used to have 3 metal cutout initials that fit into it. Junior could choose the letters of his name at time of … Continue reading

1940 Firestone Flying Ace


This Colson built “Flying Ace” was sold through Firestone dealers. Similar models were sold under other names. This bike features a tank and chainguard that have a matching wedge stamped into them. Also features truss fork, front loading torpedo headlight, … Continue reading

1941 Colson Imperial Twin-Cushion

1941 Colson Imperial Twin Cushion.jpg

This is an ad copy for the very rare double suspended Colson “Twin-Cushion” bicycle. The rear of the frame was cushioned in the same manner as the front fork, which was a Colson exclusive design. It is not known exactly … Continue reading