1960′s AMF Roadmaster Amelite Cobra

Roadmaster Amelite Cobra 1_resize

Talk about a rare bike! Have you ever seen one of these? The design is entire unique. Double bar frame with an aluminum decorative “console” cover is the first thing that pops out. But then look at the rear carrier. … Continue reading

1941 Cleveland Welding Roadmaster Custom

1941 Roadmaster Custom 1

This was bought blind as a barn find and was supposed to be a Schwinn Hornet DX.When it arrived to me in the UK England I realised it was not. I sent photos of frame ect to a guy in … Continue reading

1938 Roadmaster

1938 Roadmaster Nate 1

This is an all original 1938 CWC Roadmaster “3-Gill” survivor I have just found and purchased. It has been carefully cleaned and put back into working order with sympathy to keeping it as original as possible. New tires have been … Continue reading

1947 Roadmaster Luxury Liner – ad

ad - 1947 Roadmaster Luxury Liner

Advertisement from the Saturday Evening Post showing the new Roadmaster bicycle. It reads: Leaders Ride THE NEW ROADMASTER. Leaders always choose the best-and in bicycles, it’s Roadmaster, “America’s Finer Bicycle.” No other bicycle has so many outstanding quality features, It’s … Continue reading

1937-1938 Roadmaster Cycle Truck

37-38 Cleveland Welding, Roadmaster Cycle Truck. Found abandoned and left for dead on a farm in western Kansas. Every moving part was rusted solid and had to be heated for disassembly. The bike has been reconditioned. I chose to leave … Continue reading