1948 Schwinn B6 Autocycle

1948 Schwinn B6 black BU 01

Restored back to factory specifications by Schwinn restoration specialist, Bob Usasi. Done in black and cream, this beautiful Schwinn is what dreams were made of for boys in the late 1940′s. Equipped with a Forewheel (drum) brake on the front, … Continue reading

1939 Schwinn Henderson Motorbike


1939 Schwinn Henderson Motorbike I purchased this motorbike about a year ago. It was restored by Bob Ujszaszi about ten years ago. The silver rays are not original to the bike and I added them after I got the bicycle. … Continue reading

1948 Schwinn New World

Schwinn New World 1

1948 Schwinn New World tourist bicycle featuring a single speed freewheel and “Schwinn Built” caliper brakes. These bicycles could be bought with a variety of equipment and this one features a mixture of heavyweight parts (e.g., “AS” gooseneck stem and … Continue reading

1974 Schwinn Norfolk Southern RR Bicycle (custom)


In late January 2010, while working for Norfolk Southern Rail Corporation in Atlanta, I built this 1974 Schwinn Norfolk Southern “CYO” (Central Yard Office) bike (it was formerly a light blue Schwinn “Breeze”). Our Diversity Council raffled it off in … Continue reading

1941 Schwinn DX Excelsior – Special Model


This is my most recent find. I got this in trade today from Tim Brandt a local collector and friend. His story and history on the bike is as follows. 1941 Excelsior DX This was one of my first prewar … Continue reading

Original 1937 Mead Ranger Champion


I bought this 1937 Mead Ranger champion for my fiance. This is a very rare girls bike. It was the only one that was equipped with all the auto cycle accessories such as the dual Delta lights, crossbar speedo and … Continue reading