1950′s J.C. Higgins Child’s Bike

My beautiful picture

This is 1950′s J.C. Higgins kids skiptooth bicycle with training wheels, leather saddle seat ,spoked rims and Firestone solid rubber tires. All parts are original to bicycle and were powder coated, pin stripped, greased and assembled. Fully restored. … Continue reading

1947 J.C. Higgins base model


This early post-WW2 Sears bicycle was one of those that throws off new collectors. It features rear facing drop-outs and drop-stand “ears” that are usually associated with pre-ww2 bicycles. This bike however, was made after the war. It is a … Continue reading

1938 Elgin Robin

1938 Elgin Robin SS 1

From barn find to beauty! This bike was listed on Craigslist and came out of a barn/shed in Michigan. It’s a mix of a distressed restoration and some original paint–mostly the frame and fenders. While removing the blue and yellow, I couldn’t save any … Continue reading

1938-1941 Sears Collegiate (Elgin)

Sears Collegiate 1

Sears “Collegiate”, not to be confused with the Schwinn bicycle by the same name. This was a lower-priced model sold by Sears, which did not carry the usual “Elgin” badge held by the rest of the Sears bicycle line. These … Continue reading

1953 Sears J.C. Higgins Colorflow

J.C. Higgins Colorflow

Here is one of my favourite 50′s bicycles. It has everything I like. Jewelled “Buick” style portholes, twin striped fenders, beehive springer, Batwing light, cool dual twin exhaust jet style rear carrier with MORE red jewels!! This example is one … Continue reading

1941 Elgin 4 Star Deluxe Twin-Bar Custom

Elgin Twinbar Custom 1

This Twinbar has Colson flat curved fender braces and Roadmaster curved rack braces. I just find them to really look great on the bike. It started out as a Twin 20. Its got a ladies Hawthorne chainwheel with 24 teeth … Continue reading

1910′s Sears Chief – photograph

Sears Chief Bicycle photograph

This original photograph from the mid 1910′s to 1920′s shows a young man posing with his Sears Chief bicycle. The kid looks like he has some attitude, and why shouldn’t he? He has a top of the line Sears Chief! … Continue reading

Late 1940′s J.C. Higgins

Late 1940's J.C. Higgins - side

This late 1940′s Sears J.C. Higgins ladies bicycle looks a lot like the pre-war models with its skirt guard and paint details. Even the badge has a similar design to the pre-war Elgin. Made by Murray, it is similar to … Continue reading