1939 Airflyte (Huffman) Twin-Flex


This Huffman built AirFlyte Twin-Flex features the popular factory original colors of metalic blue and red, with yellow pinstripes. All parts on this bike are original, no reproduction pieces were used in the restoration (done by Dave Stromberger at nostalgic.net). … Continue reading

1939 Dayton Twin-Flex

1939 Dayton Twin Flex ladies 1.jpg

This ladies model Twin-Flex Cushioned bike is missing it’s badge, but it looks like it could have been a Dayton badged bike. It has some incorrect parts and is missing the headlight, but it was included in the archive just … Continue reading

1938 Firestone Twin-Flex


This is the Firestone version of the Twin-Flex Cushioned bicycle that was manufactured by Huffman. Special “3-rib” streamlined chainguard is a Firestone exclusive. Notice the “Firestone Fleetwood” badge. … Continue reading

1939 Snell (Huffman) Twin-Flex

1939 Dayton Twinflex Snell 1.jpg

Snell is one of the many brand names that Huffman marketed their bicycles under. Variations between badge names are usually limited to the paint scheme. This bike has a rare aluminum E.A. Torpedo headlight. … Continue reading

1938 Huffman Built, Airflyte Twin-Flex – “Death Bike”


This is the actual “Deathbike”. There have been several stories as to how this bike earned it’s name and who named it. To the best of our knowledge this bike was so named because it was recalled by Huffman which … Continue reading

1938 Spring / Summer Firestone Catalog

1938 SS Firestone pg19.jpg

Firestone’s 1938 Spring and Summer catalog once again shows Huffman and Colson built bicycles. The Fleetwood Supreme is offered for the last time, and the new Twin-Flex is offered featuring front and rear suspension. Huffman’s first version of the Twin-Flex … Continue reading