1933 Elgin Blackhawk

2005-11-04 063.JPG

The Elgin Blackhawk was styled after motorcycles of the day. The “tank” had a door on the right side that opened up to allow access to the battery and room to store tools, marbles, frogs, or whatever else a young … Continue reading

1936 Elgin Robin


This 1936 Elgin Robin features a zeppelin inspired tank. The tank has a built in horn unit. Notice the low-slung frame design, which was changed for the 1937 model year due to issues with the frame breaking where the seat … Continue reading

1938 Elgin Robin

1938 Elgin Robin Red FP 1.jpg

This months Bicycle of the Month is Frank Puricelli’s 1938 Elgin Robin. With its zeppelin styled tank and built-in headlight, this bike was at the top of the styling game in the late 30′s. What kid wouldn’t have thought this … Continue reading

1959 Columbia Fire-Arrow

1959 Columbia Fire-Arrow FS 1.jpg

Rare Columbia Fire-Arrow 2-speed middleweight. Candy Apple red and white two-tone with chrome. Good condition for it’s age. This is a scarce bike that has a lot of style and is bound to become a sought after collectors item in the near … Continue reading

1935 Elgin Robin

1935 Elgin Robin MK 02.jpg

This beautiful restored Elgin Robin shows off the latest in styling for the mid 1930′s. Streamline frame and fenders with zepplin tank. Bike also features the optional gooseneck mounted speedometer. This ’35 Elgin features the early style frame that has … Continue reading

1935 Elgin Blackhawk

1935 Elgin Blackhawk SM 1.jpg

The Bicycle of the Month for April is Scott McCaskey’s 1935 Elgin Blackhawk, what a beauty! Features the rare steel clad wood rims, NOS stainless steel fenders, Elgin speedometer, Delta light, horn and red leather seat. Restored by Scott himself, … Continue reading

1934-36 Elgin Blackhawk


This completely original Elgin Blackhawk exemplifies the styling trend of the time with it’s massive motorcycle size toolbox tank and low slung frame. The Blackhawk was manufactured by Westfield Manufacturing for sale by Sears between 1934 and 1936. The frame … Continue reading