1937 Hawthorne Zep Project

This bike will be a test of my ability. Take a good look at this Zep. Everyone I have spoken and shown this bike to tells me its a piece of trash. I guess I kind of look at it like that bird with the busted wing… will it fly?


Update 1/21/14:

Started messing around with the old Zep the other day and up and beyond all the rust the thing I couldn’t get off my mind was those buddies of mine calling my bike a piece of junk . So no matter what I`m out to prove them wrong and I’m going to photograph and post step by step just how to bring this old Zep back to life.
It may take awhile ?

Update 2/15/14:

Put a few more hours in the Zep this week concentrating on straightening the fenders and supports .
Digging through a box of old parts I came up with the tail light I’m going to use , and the red glass reflector on the back of the rack . The rack is more for the photo the original was so bent up I`m having it professionally straightened which will be in the next set of photos . And that handlebar light doesn’t go on the bike I thought it was cool looking so I pretty much through it in for looks .
Couple more weeks I`ll tear it apart have the frame , fenders and guard blasted and ready for paint.

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