Bicycle Art

I do close-up paintings of old bicycles from photographs I have taken. I also do
custom paintings. If you are interested in seeing more of my work and contacting me or purchasing a painting, please go to and look up my name (Charlene Cloutier).
Entry Submitted by Charlene Cloutier

bicycle paintings/85311-bicycle_with_rhodedendrons.jpg

bicycle paintings/85311-blue_bicycle_close_up.jpg

bicycle paintings/85311-blue_bicycle_with_shadow.jpg

bicycle paintings/85311-firestone_super_cruiser.jpg

bicycle paintings/85311-orange_bicycle_front_wheel.jpg

bicycle paintings/85311-red_bicycle_with_chain_close_up.jpg

Vintage bicycles and parts for sale on eBay!

eBay Auction Picture

eBay Auction Picture

eBay Auction Picture

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