1937 Elgin Robin

One of Sears best bicycles, topped only by the Bluebird. The Fall and Winter 1936 Sears catalog says this about the Robin: “New streamlined motorcycle type frame with new Zeppelin-type corrrugated tank. Two built-in control buttons; one for headlight, one for horn. Large hinged door at front of tank for easy access to tool compartment. Brand new combination headlgiht and electric horn on front fender conforms with the streamline design of the rest of the bike. Full crown fenders; new sturdy fender braces. tear drop pedal end plates. new, kick-up parking stand that folds back completely out of the way. Can be operated with foot.” The Robin was available in brown, black or red with ivory trim, and ivory with red or brown trim. Later versions of the Robin had a re-designed frame where the top bar did not lay so low. Aparently the extra long seat tube was prone to breaking. Note that the pedals on the bicycle we have pictured here are later replacements and are not factory correct.

1930's Elgin Robin 1 -PG.jpg

1930's Elgin Robin 3 -PG.jpg

1930's Elgin Robin 4 -PG.jpg

1930's Elgin Robin 5 -PG.jpg

1930's Elgin Robin 9 -PG.jpg

1930's Elgin Robin 8 -PG.jpg

1930's Elgin Robin 10 -PG.jpg

1930's Elgin Robin 11 -PG.jpg

1930's Elgin Robin 7 -PG.jpg

1930's Elgin Robin 12 -PG.jpg

1930's Elgin Robin 13 -PG.jpg

1930's Elgin Robin 15 -PG.jpg

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