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Featured bicycles for the month of April

1941 Colson Bullnose Red-Silver 021941 Firestone Super Cruiser

This outstanding Firestone Super Cruiser, made by Colson is commonly referred to as a “Colson Bullnose” due to the unique rounded shape to the front of the horn-tank. This bike was featured in the popular book “Evolution of the Bicycle” when it was part of the Steve Castelli collection. The silver paint is a custom touch, and would have been…


This is an amazing original 1910’s Iver Johnson racing bicycle. Check out the vibrant paint, and the nickel plated head and fork! Racing bars are turned upside-down, and skinny wood rims complete the race-look.


This Radiant Green, 1955 Schwinn Corvette 3-speed is a rare B.F. Goodrich badged model. It differs from Schwinn branded bikes by its badge and tires. The original tires were B.F. Goodrich Silvertown whitewalls, but they have been replaced with reproduction Schwinn…